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GTA 5 is the most antiseptic game in Grand Theft Auto Series. GTA 5 is popular for its realistic graphics and his story and for other things. If ever play GTA 5 in your PC then you already know why GTA 5 is such a popular game.

In 2018, GTA 5 in android is not possible because the original GTA 5 apk size is approx 75 GB. But now GTA 5 in android is possible because of some developers. They try hard to make a game like GTA 5 and their gamer is appreciated. They make some games that have HD graphics like GTA 5.

Today I am going to give you GTA 5 apk offline mod with really HD graphics. All details like GTA 5 android apk requirements and features are available below. Also, download links are given so read full articles to play successfully game.


When we talk about GTA PC then we need lots of requirements in our pc like 4GB minimum ram and other specifications .but when we talk about download GTA 5 Android APK + DATA then we do not need high requirements we need only limited specifications which are given below. Also, I am going to give you GTA 5 offline apk with a size of 140 MB. So, you can play easily GTA 5 in android. 
  1. Android version 4.0 and more – You need at least 4.0 Version device for this game if you don’t have this version maybe this game will lag in your android. If you have 4.0 or more version you can play this game and this game runs smoothly in your device.
  2. RAM 1 GB (Minimum) – You Need Minimum 1GB for this game so please check our  RAM also  before download
  3. ROM 4 GB (Minimum) – You also need  4GB free device storage because when you play this game it stores your data and it needs space in your device so, you need 4GB free space if you want to play this game on daily basis.
  4. GTA 5 Apk + Data – You need to download GTA 5 Apk + Data if you did not download both files all other features which are mention above are useless. Download links are given below.
  5. 150 MB for download GTA 5 apk + data – This game is offline but for downloading Apk and data file you need 150MB.
If all requirements are available in your device then go ahead and download this game and who doesn’t have these requirements can check our other games. Some games will surely work for you


In GTA 5 PC you can see ultra HD graphics, all weapons, multi-characters, big map and also you can do all things whatever you want but in GTA 5 android apk you did not see all of these things because pc game size is 70 GB and GTA 5 android apk size is only 140 MB. but according to size, this game is also interesting. Not all things you get in this apk but some of them you get. All features of GTA 5 apk are given below
  1. Vehicles – You can drive vehicles like cars and helicopters which make this version More entertaining.
  2. All weapons like shotgun, machine gun, pistol, and others – You can fight with peoples using all weapons. You have all types of weapons and by using these you can shoot peoples and fight with them.
  3. Big City – You also have a big Map where you can do whatever you want and also you have a car. By using car you can travel in-game because you have a big city.
  4. Offline Mode – Most of the peoples want offline games because they play the game when they don’t have internet so this game is offline and you do not need an internet connection to play this game.
  5. Hd graphics – You also have good graphics which helps you too play this game on a daily basis and entertains you.


This is not original GTA 5 Apk because official GTA 5  is not released for android users but some independent developers try hard to make GTA 5 Android version and some of the developers already make GTA 5 Android version but they did not publish there App on play store because of some google policies But you can download these version from our website.

note: this is an only apk file, you do not need to download any data separately, just download the apk file and follow the below guide.

How To Download& install gta 5 (apk+data)?

We always provide a video tutorial or installation guide for our users because we know that our users facing some problems while installation. That’s why we provide a video tutorial and installation guide. Who loves to watch the video they must watch the video tutorial and who prefer reading they read the installation guide and follow our steps.

Download GTA 5 android apk – click here for download 

  1. After download, you just need to go to file manager or ZArchiver 
  2. Go to download folder and find GTA 5 mod new version 1.0 APK And install it.
  3. Now all work is done you can open & enjoy your game.


1. How to download GTA 5 android apk?
    you just need to click the download button and go to the download page.

2. How to install GTA 5 android apk?
    Go to the file manager > download folder and install GTA 5 apk.

3. why I give only apk file on the download button?
     yes, you only see apk file because in this version you do not need any other data file.  

4. Can you play GTA 5 android offline?
     yes, now you can play GTA 5 offline in android 

5 . what is the size of this GTA 5 apk?
     Only 140 MB, yes the size of this apk is 140 MB + Offline.

6. Can We Drive Cars and use Weapons in this gta5 android apk version?
    yes, you can drive cars and also use weapons.


I hope you download GTA 5 android apk+ data and enjoy the game. This game is good graphics and with all weapons and a big map. Also, offline mode so all people can play the game. You can also check our Other GTA Games available on our sites. 

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