(200MB) Fortnite Mobile for All devices – 100% working

Download Fortnite Mobile free for all android devices in just 200MB. This apk works for all android devices.

 Fortnite Mobile Apk

Download Fortnite Mobile Apk

Fortnite is a royal battle game with more than 500M+ Download all over the world. Fortnite is developed and published by Epic Games. Fortnite Mobile is famous for its weapons and maps. Fortnite is also available on the Google Play store. Fortnite Apk size is 150MB, but its data size is 7.5GB, and also it is not available for every android device. You need high-end devices to play this game with at least 4GB RAM. 
Today, I am going to give you Fortnite Mobile, which works in all android devices, but it not official; this is a fan-made beta version apk, but its graphics are excellent and with all weapons like a machine gun, shotgun, missile, and all others. Also, the installation process is soo smooth; You can install within few seconds.

Fortnite Mobile Apk gameplay & Modes

This Fortnite Mobile apk is not official, this is a fan-made beta version game, but you can see fantastic hd graphics and excellent gameplay with many modes and all weapons. You can also choose many enemies in all styles. You have a big city and many enemies, you can manually select numbers of enemies(1-500), and also you have a god mode if you enable it, your health is infinite. And the most essential thing in this game is, this offline so you can play it unlimited times if you have internet issues. All other essential modes and weapons have given below.

Game Mode list:
  1. Battle Royal
  2. Rocket Ride
  3. Infinite battle
  4. Player vs. All
  5. Building Mode
Weapons List:
  1. Submachine Gun
  2. Sniper
  3. Assault Rifle (M16)
  4. Rocket Launcher
  5. Pistol
  6. Pump Shotgun
All Modes are offline. You do not need the internet for playing this game, and also all weapons are with infinite ammo. 

 Fortnite Mobile Apk (Features)

This Apk includes many modes and all weapons like a machine gun, shotgun, and missile With HD graphics and smooth control so everyone can play it and enjoy it. 
  1. battle royal mode
  2. All weapons
  3. Grenades
  4. HD graphics
  5. Offline
  6. God Mode(no death)
  7. works in all devices

 Fortnite Mobile Apk (Requirements)

If You download Fortnite mobile apk from google play store, then you need high requirements at least 4GB RAM, 16GB free space, and also need a high android version. Still, for this Apk, you did not need any high demands, but we recommend you some specifications for this Game all specifications are given below.
  1. 1 GB RAM
  2. 1 GB Free space
  3.  Android version 4.0
  4.  Fortnite Mobile Apk

Download Fortnite Mobile 

How to download & install Fortnite Mobile Apk?

Just follow our steps and install Fortnite in our mobile device.
  1. Go to youtube and Search “Fortnite Mobile Paid Gaming World” and watch the video
  2. After watching the complete installation process go to the description
  3. Click on the link and follow the same steps as shown in the video 
  4. Enjoy the game 

Fortnite Mobile Apk FAQ’S

Is This game work in all devices?
Yes, this Game worked on all devices.

Is this game official or unofficial?
This game is not official; this is a fan-made beta version game.

Is Battle royal mode available or not?
Yes, battle royal mode and many other modes are also available.

Is the Game offline or online?
The Game is offline and free.

How to download Fortnite Mobile Apk?
Just click on the download button and follow some steps, and you get your download link.

How to install Fortnite Mobile Apk?
Just follow our installation guide, which is given above.

What is the size of Fortnite Mobile Apk?
(Official) Fortnite Mobile Apk size is almost 150MB APK and 7.5GB Data file, but this total version size is 200MB.


If you want to Play Fortnite Mobile apk, but you do not have high-end devices, then this game is for you, this game size is only 200 MB and does not need any high specifications so download Fortnite Mobile Apk free for all android devices. Also, this version has many modes like a battle royal and many others with all weapons. This version is not too good if we compare it to original Fortnite mobile but is a fan-made version game, it excellent Game for low-end devices. 

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