Download GTA 5 Apk for Android – Latest Version

GamingChase: GTA 5 Apk mobile version is not the official version of GTA 5. You can download GTA 5 Apk Mobile which is made by some minded and independent Developers.

GTA 5 Apk Android

GTA 5 Apk Android 
GTA 5 is one of the best games in history and one of the best Open-world games. In GTA 5, you have a big world where you can do all things that you want to do. You can fight with people, destroy buildings and vehicles, complete missions, and also you can add a story and mod which you want. GTA 5 has Ultra HD Graphics and its Story and missions are also awesome which boost your enjoyment of the game and force you to play this game daily.
Well, GTA 5 is not released for Mobile users. GTA 3 was the last game that was developed for mobile users by rockstar games. After GTA 3, they stop making android games because they did not make any good profit from Mobile games. Maybe, In the future, we again see GTA 5 mobile games which were officially developed by Rockstar Games.
But for now, We have a Fan-made GTA 5 Version which is really appreciating because in this version you can literally feel why GTA 5 is legendary and the best Game. We can not compare this version to the real One. because this version is not 1% as same as the Original GTA 5 Apk. Real GTA 5 is far better than this version. But this is the Fan-Made version so you can play this game for a few days and its size is also very low.
You can see One GTA 5 character and also you can drive vehicles and fight with other people in a big city. And you can do many other things Which I mention Below. We recommend you to read the full article because I mention all things which are important for you like what is the requirements in your device for this version and I also give you an installation guide for you because we know many users do not know “How to install GTA 5 in Mobile”. So we highly recommend you read the Full Article.

GTA 5 Mobile Apk (Requirements)

Well, this is not the Real GTA 5. This is GTA 5 fan-made game that is developed by an independent developer. When GTA 5 will officially be released for android you need a High-end device for this game because on PC game size is 80GB and also you need a high-end PC. We also Guess that if this game will release in the future for android then this game size will also be big. But for this fan-made version, you need an average phone which has all specifications that I mention below
  1. 1 GB RAM
  2. 4 GB Free Device storage
  3. Android Version 4.0+ Version
  4. GTA 5 Apk File
Only these specifications you need to play this game and in today’s generation, these requirements are already available in all Smartphones. So if you have these specifications on mobile then go ahead and download the game but if not then check out our other games on our website. Many other games will work perfectly on your device.

GTA 5 Mobile Apk (Features)

If you think that this version has ultra HD graphics like Real GTA 5 then you can not see ultra HD graphics like real GTA 5. Yes, this game has HD graphics but not like really GTA 5. So please don’t expect too much after all this is a fan-made version and the size is only 80MB. you can also see vehicles like cars and other people but this version is a normal version like other fan-made games.
  1. Vehicles
  2. Offline
  3. Weapons
  4. HD graphics
  5. A Big Map/City
All these features are available in this version. If you did not play GTA 5 in your life then this game if for you and you can take a little experience from this game. But I recommend you want to play GTA 5 on PC.

Download GTA 5 Apk Mobile

This is not a real GTA 5 so you can not see this version on google play store or any other play store because this is developed by an independent developer, not from an official company. They can not publish their game on google play store because if they do it so play store removes their game in a few hours because of some google guidelines. When GTA 5 will officially be released by rockstar it will available on the google play store but the Game will not be free because all GTA games which are available on the google play store, are paid games

How to install GTA 5 Apk Mobile?

Most people don’t know how to install GTA 5 on Mobile but if you follow our steps you can not face any problems. If you love to watch video tutorials then must watch our Video tutorial which is specially created for Video tutorials lover and who prefers reading you can follow our steps which mention below.
Watch Video Tutorial + Gameplay – Click Here
Follow steps
  1. You need to download the apk file from the above link
  2. Open File Manager after you did from download
  3. Go to the download folder if you download it from Chrome and if you download it from another browser you need to go to their folder.
  4. Find GTA 5 Apk file and install it
  5. now you are ready to play this game


Well if you did not play GTA 5 in your entire life then you need to download this game and enjoy it and don’t compare this version to the real one because Real GTA 5 is 100 times better than this version. But this version is actually good because of the awesome graphics and its size.  You can download GTA 5 Apk Mobile Version from GamingChase.

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