Forspoken Release Date, Story, Rumors & News

If you are wondering about Forspoken Release Date, the story of the game then we have some updates related to the forspoken release date, some rumors about the game, and everything you need to know.

The curiosity for this game is rising day by day and we won’t be surprised if fans want the latest update on it. We’ll try to answer as much as possible in the following post and hope that fans can get better insight into the world of forspoken.

What is forspoken?

Forspoken release date

Forspoken, formerly known as “project ATHIA” is a recent game developed by Linux production, a part of Square Enix, a japan based company. The game is based on the concept of Isekai, which certainly will make many fans especially anime fans to rejoice.

The game got first featured in sony’s PS5 games 2020 but received its own screen time during the Tokyo games show. After the release of the trailer, the excitement of fans and game enthusiast is over the top.

Forspoken Release Date

The game will probably release in early 2022 as we have seen in the trailer, till then the developers are working on making its graphics more smooth and easier to control so that they can target a big audience.

The game will be PS5 console exclusive so we can’t expect it on Xbox at least for the first 24 months of its release.

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Forspoken Rumors and News

Forspoken may have skipped E3 2021 but since then we’ve seen it twice: once during PlayStation’s September showcase and again during Square Enix’s October Tokyo Game Show presentations. The game received its own showcase during the Tokyo Game Show, during which members of its development team were able to shed a little more light on what we saw in the most recent trailer.

Co-director Takefumi Terada and creative producer Raio Mitsuno offered more details on the game’s story, the world of Athia, and how central a role magic will play in the game. They also touched on the Tantas, one of whom, Tanta Sila, is seen battling Frey in the trailer. The official Forspoken Twitter account posted a clearer image of the Tanta of strength, which can be seen below:


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Forspoken Story

After the release of the trailer a month ago approx we got some insight into the world of forspoken. We also were introduced by some characters as well antagonists. The power type used in the show is also pretty exciting.

The trailer started with a new york living girl, who is sick of the place and had a terrible upbringing, and wants a change of place, that’s when she said to her cat “we will go to a place, where cats are loved”. The line was quite pleasing to hear especially for cat lovers. However, after that, our female protagonist miraculously transferred to an unknown land with a portal.

From there the journey of Frey Holland starts, the character is voiced by Ella Balinska, an English actress known for her role in Charlie’s angels. The character was stunned by the sudden change of place as well from the beauty of the world as we viewers also were. The world is designed pretty well and has some good graphics. It is suspected that it may run on 4k, maybe up to 120 fps but still, there is no such confirmation.

From the journey Frey is accompanied by her partner which is a bracelet known as Cuff, they both are humorous, so we can expect pretty well-designed and funny small talks as well. The voice of the cuff reminds us of Jarvis also.

The power system used is of the magical attribute, and it can be used for attacking, defense, and as well as laying traps. the co-director said that the main power of Frey lies in her ability to constantly learn, so a pretty well character development can be seen as well.

One of the antagonists was introduced as well, known as Tanta, and she looks formidable. The fight gonna be exciting. The sound used in the game is quite breathtaking as well, making your heart race and get you super excited.

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