Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamond) for Android

Frag Pro Shooter Pro Mod Apk with Unlimited Money/Diamond is available on GamingChase. Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk latest version on GamingChase.

Frag Pro Shooter Mod Apk

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Frag Pro Shooter is a Free shooting game that is developed by OH Bibi. More than 20 Million players already join this game and they are having fun. This is the best 1 vs 1 FPS Shooting game, you need to fight with other players all over the world. We can also say that this is a battle royal FPS shooting game.
This is the best combination of card game and strategy shooting. Also, this game has animation 3D graphics so when you play it you see awesome graphics. This game is not only for shooting players but also for Strategy players.
All Players have different attacks and different roles. One player’s role is to defend and the other player’s role attacks and camp. You have to choose your team before starting any battle. All characters have different attacks and different positions. All characters position is like Attack, defense, wild, camp, and center. You need to create a highly professional team by creating a strategy.
Before entering the battle you need to choose 5 characters according to your strategy. When you enter in battle you have no time to escape because you have only 3 minutes and in just 3 minutes, you need to destroy another team base. Each side has headquarters and many buildings.
You need a perfect tactic, you need to enter in opponents’ headquarters and history enemies and find the target shot and destroy it for more points. You need a strong team with upgraded characters, Unlock chests, and collect the card and upgrade characters. 
We Give you a Frag Pro Shooter Apk with unlimited coins and diamonds. All important kinds of stuff and pieces of information are mention in the below section.

Frag Pro Shooter Game (Requirements)

Frag Pro Shooter Apk is available on google play store for free. But Frag pro shooter Game with Unlimited Money/Diamonds is available on Gamingchase. For the hack version of Frag Pro shooter apk, you need some requirements in your device. We highly recommend some specifications for your android, these are not any special requirements if you download this game from the google play store you need the same requirements for the original game also. If these specifications are available you can play the game.
  1. 1 GB RAM
  2. Android version 5.0
  3. Internet connection
  4. Frag Pro Shooter Apk
These are some specifications that you need to play the game. These are not any high or special specifications. Almost all devices have these requirements if these are not available then you can try other games available on our website.

Frag Pro Shooter Apk (Features)

This Frag Pro shooter Apk gives you many awesome features that are not available on the original Apk. Frag pro shooter hack gives you unlimited coins and other things that help you to complete the game and fight with opponents. When you have all things unlocked and also have unlimited coins, you can easily win the game.
  1. All things unlocked
  2. unlimited ammo
  3. unlimited coins and diamonds
  4. Offline
These are the features that are available on Frag pro shooter apk and also these are not available on the original game. 

Download Frag Pro Shooter Apk 

Frag Pro shooter Apk is also available in the play store for free but you can not download the hack version of frag pro shooter but from GamingChase, this is possible because we provide you working and real games Because many sites and videos are available on the internet but only websites give you working game. GamingChase is one of them and you can download any available game.
Note: We recommend, read the full article before download it.

How-To install Frag Pro Shooter Apk?

We always provide a full installation guide and also a downloaded & install video tutorial for our users because we know that our users face some problems while installation. So we provide a video tutorial and a fully detailed installation guide. If you are interested in watching video tutorials, must watch our video tutorial and for others, we give you a step-by-step installation guide.

Follow some steps:
  1. Download Frag Pro Shooter Apk
  2. Go to file manager and extract apk file with Password: PaidGamingWorld
  3. install frag pro shooter apk.
  4. After installation, Open the game and enjoy it.

Important Point

When you open the game after installation you can not see any unlimited coins and diamonds. For unlimited coins, you need to buy other things and when you buy any card then your money is automatically increased and the same steps as a diamond. If you are not able to get unlimited diamonds and money then watch this video and follow the steps – Click for video.


Frag Pro Shooter is the best combination of card and shooting strategy. You must enjoy this game, it also gives you 3D graphics so you see awesome graphics and really enjoys it. You can download Frag Pro Shooter Apk with Unlimited Money and Diamond for free. Stay tuned for more awesome games.

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