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GTA V Android (R-User games) Apk+Obb download from our website which is the latest version of GTA 5 Android. 

About GTA 5 Android Apk + Obb

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GTA 5 is the most famous and legendary game in Open-world Games. Any other Famous games are beaten by Rockstar Games who Develop GTA 5. GTA 5 is not officially launched by Rockstar Games they develop many Gta Games for android like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Liberty city but they did not get any good profit for Gta android games so they reject to Develop GTA android games but some game developers want android version Of legendary GTA 5. So they developed Some version Of GTA 5 Android.

Today I am also going to give you a GTA 5 Apk+Obb made by R-User Games. They develop many GTA android games that are available on their website and also on our Website. You Can Check yourself By Clicking there. GTA 5 pc version size is approx 70GB but this Game Size is Only 130MB. In Very few sizes you get a better version of GTA 5 android thanks to R-User games Who make this GTA 4 Android apk.

If you don’t know how to download and install GTA 5 android Apk+Obb then follow our steps because we always provide an installation guide for you. You Get download links Of GTA 5 Apk + OBB below in our article.

GTA 5 Android Apk + Obb Download (Requirements)

If you play the original GTA 5 in your Pc you need high specifications but in android, you do not need any high specifications but you need some highly recommended specifications in your android. All specifications are mention in the below section.

  1.  2GB RAM (Minimum)
  2.  Android Version 5 or more
  3.  GTA 5 Apk + Obb

Only these 3 specifications are highly recommended for you to play this game if you do not have these specifications then maybe this game is lag in your android device.

GTA 5 Android Apk + Obb (Features)

This is not the original version of the game. This is a fan-made game that is developed by R-User Games. So you did not find all the real features with ultra HD graphics same a  GTA Vice city or any other GTA games. But this is also a  good game because R-User provides the second’s mission of GTA 5, they already developed the GTA 5 First mission Apk file which was really interesting, and mostly all peoples love that version and  I hope you also liked this game and all features are mention below.
1. Machine gun – In other versions you have many weapons but in this version, you only have a Machhine gun which helps you to win the game.
2. Unlimited ammo for machine gun – You also have unlimited ammo because enemies come to kill you very fast..
3. Aliens – You do not have a human enemy but in this version, you have aliens which hit you with their energy, and yo need to kill him with your machine gun 5. High Graphics – You have HD graphics in this version which helps you to play this game daily.

 All these features you will get in this GTA 5 Android Apk with high Graphics.

GTA 5 Android Apk + Obb 

GTA 5 Mobile Version is not available on google play store because this is not the official version of GTA 5. This is the fan-made version made by the R-User game which is free to play. You can download the GTA 5 Apk + Obb from the below links but make sure you download Apk and OBB files both Because without the OBB file you can not play this game.

How to download & Install GTA 5 Apk + Obb (Guide)

We know that some users need help to install the game because many peoples do not know how to extract files or install the Apk. That’s why we always give an installation guide in our blog and also a video tutorial which helps you to install the game. If you love to watch the video tutorial then must watch the video because we also provide Gamepplayy of this version.
if you do not follow these steps, maybe you can not successfully play this game. if you prefer reading then read the steps and follow.

Watch video tutorial – Click Here for Video
Follow these steps –
1. Watch the Video tutorial and go to the link available in Description.
2. Go to play store and download App ZArchiver
3. Open ZArchiver and go to the download folder and install GTA 5 Apk do not open it just install GTA 5 apk
4. After Installing GTA 5 apk > Click on GTA 5 OBB file and click on “Extra here”
5. After extracting you will see A GTA 5 Obb folder (com.rusergames.alienInvation) > Click on it and Cut this folder to device storage > Android > Obb
6. All steps are finished now you can open the apk and enjoy Your Game.
Note: If your game is not working well then allow the permissions and check that you put the OBB file in the android OBB folder or not. 


I hope You download GTA 5 Apk + Obb successfully and play your Game. Because this method is Safe and cheap.
More games want? Then make sure to bookmark our site for daily latest game versions and mod Apks. 

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