GTA 5 Android Version Apk Data Download – Latest Version

GTA 5 Android Apk + Data Download Latest Version is available for free. You can Download GTA 5 apk + data For Android From GamingChase.

GTA 5 Android Apk Data

GTA 5 Android apk data

GTA 5 is one of the most famous games in all grand theft auto games. GTA 5 is renowned for its best Graphics. GTA 5 is an open-world game that is developed by Rockstar. Most of the peoples want to play GTA 5. Still, they did not have a PC, Xbox, and any other console but do not worry because today I am going to give you GTA 5 Android Apk + Data latest version is free, and also our article will guide you to “How to install GTA 5 apk data in Android” which cover all the main steps. 
By the way, GTA 5 is not officially launched and developed by Rockstar for android. Rockstar already developed some games for android like GTA vice city, GTA San Andreas, and GTA liberty city, and they did not make any good profit, so they stop making games for android. But some developers try hard to make GTA 5 clones, and they did not publish it on the play store because of some policies.
In this GTA 5 Android Apk version, you have 3 most loved GTA characters, and you can drive vehicles. Also, you can use weapons, and you can do whatever you want because you also have a big map and missions. All other details like how to install guide and download links.

GTA 5 Android Apk (Features)

This GTA 5 is not a real game, GTA 5 is bot officially Launched for android for now. But maybe, in the future, Rockstar Also Makes GTA 5 Mobile. This is a clone version so you can not see any ultra Realistic Graphics like the Original GTA 5 and a very big world. But This GTA 5 Android Lite version is incredible because when you play it, you get many excellent features like all weapons, including machine guns and missiles. All other features details are given below.
  1. All weapons
  2. 3 characters
  3. Stunt mode
  4. Garage
  5. Fight with peoples
  6. HD graphics
  7. Missions
you can see all these requirements in this version, you can drive a vehicle you have a garage for parking.  You can also play in stunt mode where you can do a stunt with a car. You also fight with other peoples and they hit you back. You can destroy vehicles with weapons. You have 3 characters and you can switch any character when you want and all 3 characters have their own different world with HD Graphics. This GTA 5 Android Version is much better than other versions because in this version you have many things to do.

GTA 5 Android Apk (Requirements)

Real GTA 5 is not available for Android but for Some developers you can play it on Android but this is not a real version, I already told you this is a clone version of fan-made versions that are made by some fan developers. When GTA 5 is officially released, you need a high-end device But For GTA 5 Android Apk clone version, you did not need any high specifications, but we highly recommend you to some minimum specifications for playing games.
  1. RAM 2 GB
  2. Device storage 4 GB(free)
  3. Android Version 5.0+
  4. GTA 5 Apk
If these specifications are available on Your Android Device, go Ahead and Download them. But if these specifications are not available, maybe this version is not working properly but you can try this version too.

GTA 5 Android file 

All Other Real GTA Games are Paid on the Google play store and when GTA 5 will come to the play store in the future, it will also be paid and maybe, the Game price will very high. But for now, GTA 5 lite versions are free to download from our website. You can also Download other Paid Games free of Cost from our website.

How to install GTA 5 Android Apk?

We always provide an installation Guide for our viewers so they can play this game easily. This game is too easy to install if you follow our steps carefully. We mention all Steps in the below section
  1. Follow some steps like subscribe channel > like video and get the download link. 
  2. Go to file manager and install GTA 5 apk
  3. Open and Enjoy your game.


If you are a GTA game fan and want to play it then this GTA 5 Android apk version is best for you because it has 3 characters, normal mode/stunt mode, and all weapons, and many other things which makes it the best version in all Gta 5 android apk(clones). If you face any problem, then make a comment, we will surely help you within a few hours.

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