Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk for Free – Android Latest version

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Download Minecraft PE Apk android version for free. Get Minecraft pocket edition is free from GamingChase.

About Minecraft Pocket Edition apk

Minecraft pocket edition apk

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that is developed by Mojang and created by Markus Persson. It has since been ported to all various platforms and awarded by the best-selling video games of all time. Minecraft Pocket edition apk is a paid android game. If you go to the google play store and search “Minecraft pocket edition”, you will see the game price is almost 500RS. 

In the Minecraft pocket edition game, you can build a new imaginary world with the help of blocks. In Minecraft apk, players may discover raw materials, craft tools, and build a building, and also Minecraft pocket edition apk has a single and multiplayer mode so you never feel bor when you play Minecraft pocket edition. In several modes, players may discover new blocks and other things for building a world and also maintain their health. For more information about the Minecraft pocket edition, you can go to Wikipedia.

This is a Paid Game on Google Play Store and the price is 450-500RS. From GamingChase you can Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Free. This is the same version that is available on the Google Play store but we Give you the Mod where you get all premium textures, skins are already unlocked. Minecraft is one of the most selling games in the world when you play it for a few days you know why this game is the most selling game and why its price is high.

We provide you all the information in the article like requirements for this game in Android and also the installation guide for our users so you need to read the full article if you want to play this game on Android.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk (Features)

Minecraft pocket edition apk is one of the best-selling video games and also one of the highest-paid android games available on the google play store. So this is a general question that arrives in all android game fans so let me tell you all the features which are provided by the Minecraft pocket edition apk: 
  • Unlocked all premium skins 
  • unlimited all premium textures
  • no damage 
  • unlimited breath
  • max inventory size 
  • infinite furnace fire
  • max score  

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk (Requirements)

Minecraft PE Apk is easy to play in Android if you have all Requirements in Android. For download and Play Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk you do not need high requirements but still, we recommend some requirements and if these requirements are available on your device then we are sure you do not face any problem during download and play. 
  1. Ram 2 GB –  You need at least 2 GB RAM devices for Minecraft PE Apk. This game is also working in 1 GB Ram but after some time maybe your phone is lagged due to the game so we highly recommend you to 2 GB RAM is a must for this Game.
  2. Free Device Storage 8 GB – You also need 8 GB free space in the device because when you play the game it needs space for storing your game data if you have 4GB Free space, You can also play this game but 8GB Space is highly recommended from us.
  3. Android version 5.0 or More – RAM or Free storage is not enough for playing this game, You also need Android Version 5.0+ for this game if you have 4.0Version you can try this  game but maybe this game will lag in Old Android versions
  4. Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk file – You need Minecraft PE Apk also if you do not have this all other requirements are useless. Download Minecraft  Pocket Edition Apk from the below links.

How to download and install Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk?

We know that some of our users face some problems while installation games so we always provide installation guides and a video tutorial in the article so you can not face any problems while installation. If you love watching videos then you must watch the video tutorial because we also provide the gameplay of the video if you watch the video and after downloading the game you can play it for some time then you must know that why this game is the number 1 game in the most selling game. Who loves to read the article we also provide an installation guide below you need to read it and follow the steps.
Minecraft pocket edition apk

Step 1: First click on the download button and follow some steps like subscribe > like > unlock link 
Step 2: Complete all Steps and unlock the download link and Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk.
Step 3: Open file manager and go to the download folder and install apk
Step 4: All step is done you can play the game, do not forget to make a comment if you love this game. 

 Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk

This game is also available on the google play store but this game is paid and the price is 500RS. And from our website, you can download it for free and also we give you the Minecraft pocket edition version. This game is one of the most famous games with the most selling game of all time in the world.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk  (FAQs)

 Ques1: Can I download Minecraft pe apk for free?
Answer: Yes, you can download Minecraft pe apk for free from our site

 Ques2: how do download Minecraft pe apk?
Answer: just click on the download button and follow some steps and the link is unlocked.

 Ques3: How to install Minecraft pe apk?
Answer: After download Minecraft pe apk, go to file manager and install the apk file.

 Ques4: is Minecraft easy to play?
Answer: yeah, this game is very easy when you practice this game yourself.

 Ques5: How to play Minecraft pe apk?
Answer: you can watch gameplays on youtube or practice this game.


Minecraft pocket edition apk is the best-selling video game. In this game, you can create a 3D world with the help of blocks and other things, and also you can fight with other creatures.

This game is amazing when you feel bored and nothing to do then this is the best game for you to play in your free time.

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