Download PK XD Mod Apk v0.59.0 (Unlimited Money) For Android – Updated Latest Version

Download PK XD Mod Apk v0.59.0 with unlimited money. You can download PK XD Mod Apk with unlimited money and gems from gaming chase for free.

Since a player can experience the full virtual world while playing these games, open world games are well-known throughout the world and are the most popular gaming genre on our planet. We can now play expansive open-world games like GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and GTA V directly on our smartphones thanks to technical advancements. In addition, by participating in the online community and playing these games, we can make new acquaintances.

But before we get into the details about the PK XD Mod Apk, let me tell you about my experience with this game. I have been playing this game for years, animated games are one of my favorite genres as it does not take a toll on my graphics card. Also because it is so cheerful to play, games like Roblox, TocaLife ec. are one of the main competitors of this game.

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Download PK XD Mod Apk– Latest Version

You should give this game a try if you enjoy adventure games because it is ranked among the top 10 in its category. Get the PK XD MOD APK game here. The Afterverse Games team is behind its development. With 4.4 stars in the Google Play Store and more than 100 million satisfied players who have downloaded it, this game is incredibly intriguing. You can design your own house and avatars in this game. You can design an appealing and stylish avatar for yourself. In this game, you will also have pets, and you can combine your pets here. You can compete against your pals to win coins.

We all know that in order to begin this PK XD, we need an avatar. Here, you can make your own avatar. Customize everything to your needs. Users cite this as one of their favourite aspects of the programme. Another benefit is that you can create your own dream home here, customising every aspect of it to your preferences. So for added advantages, acquire this PK XD from our website.

Download PK XD Mod Apk from the below link!

unlimited coins in PK xd apk

Information Details
Rating 4.4/5
Size 35 M.B.
Content Rating 12+ age
Current version v0.59.0
Publisher Afterverse


PK XD Apk is one of the best adventure games where you can create your avatar for free. PK XD Apk that is published by Afterverse. It is available for both android and IOS users. PK XD Apk already has millions of users globally with a good rating of 4.4 out of 5.


PK XD is a free-to-play game that plays action inc. In PK XD, You can create your avatar, build your house, meet friends, and go on new adventures. you’ll challenge yourself with minigames to get exclusive items and take your house, your looks, your pets, and all the fun to the next level.

Download the most recent update of the game, the New Version of PK XD 0.68.5 Mod Apk, for free on an Android device. PlayKids Inc., an Android game developer, created PK XD Mod Apk, which is currently one of the most well-liked entertaining adventure games available on Google Play.

Welcome to your personal online environment! A game where you may make your own avatar, construct your own home, meet, converse, and have fun with friends, have a virtual pet, play minigames, and much more, PK XD is all about having fun. Explore a vast open universe and go on new adventures.

Where you may test your skills in minigames to win exclusive stuff and up the ante on the enjoyment with your home, appearance, pets, and other possessions. Are you prepared to explore this cosmos and play with millions of other players from around the globe? A list of all the entertaining activities is provided below. Download the PK XD apk with unlimited money and gems.

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What is PK XD Mod Apk?

PK XD Apk is one of the best adventure games where you can create your avatar for free. PK XD Apk that is published by Afterverse. It is available for both android and IOS users. PK XD Apk already has millions of users globally with a good rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Imagine you are in a world where you can do anything. You can create a character that you want to be without limits, create houses, and have virtual pets.
Having a world where you can do whatever you like is a such a great thing because everyone has a different world in their mind that they wants to live in real life but we all know real and reel life is completely different.
PK XD Make this all possible! This popular game with over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store is a gem! In this game, you can create your own avatar. You can be anything you like. And when we say anything, we mean ANYTHING! You can be a zombie, a witch, a unicorn, or even a dragon!

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More on PK XD Mod Apk

Download PK XD Mod Apk

Open world games have become such a popular trend these past years. From simulation games to adventure ones such as the GTA series, we love open-world games!

It’s no surprise that plenty of games nowadays include an open world for people to freely explore and do all sorts of things. We can also see this in Battle Royale games where the maps are huge! But open-world games that focus on giving the best content are rare.

Important kinds of stuff related to PK XD mod apk like links and other kinds of important details are mentioned below.

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Why do gamers love PK XD Apk?


Your personality, your laws! If you like, you can adopt the personas of a zombie, unicorn, witch, or even a dragon. Simply use your creativity to put all the items—which include monster slippers, futuristic boots, amazing wings, ninja swords, a cat mask, shark gloves, lobster gloves, golden hair, amusing backpacks, amazing sunglasses, stylish clothing, and much more—together.


Your very own virtual pet will make the enjoyment even more enjoyable since you already have a home, friends, and a job. There are cats, dogs, pigs, cows, buffalos, hedgehogs, raccoons, alligators, hippopotamuses, and more, ranging from common to unusual creatures. Whew! Many adorable critters are available to serve as your game buddy. Give them attention, and watch them develop with you.


Your virtual world is right here! You have complete freedom. You can therefore try many activities in addition to travelling and taking on tasks, such as lounging on floats, enjoying ice cream, jumping with the “power-up,” dancing to various styles and moves, and having a lot of fun with your friends and neighbours!


Build your home, purchase new furnishings, and decorate it however you choose. Your imagination is the only restriction! Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover: Puff cloud, lava lamp, dance mat, fluffy rug, gamer chair, photos, amazing fireplace, heart-shaped balloons, kitchen and bathroom supplies, and much more. New PK XD MOD APK with Unlimited Money and Gems!

PK XD Mod Apk No Ads, Unlimited Event Points, and All Houses Unlocked

You must amass a total of 25 stars to unlock every house in PK XD Mod Apk All Unlocked. Stars are earned by completing in-game quests and tasks. You can then buy whatever house you like from the in-game store once you have accumulated enough stars. Continue to play and complete quests to grab those crucial stars!

Countless User Interface

Players can build profiles on the game’s social networking website with unique backgrounds and avatars. Players can then connect via buddy sharing, which enables them to access other players’ saved information such as levels achieved or stuff amassed so that everyone engaged can get the most out of the game.

PK XD Apk Mod Description:

Despite the wide range of options available to the player in PK XD, everything has a cost. Because of this, game designers added in-game money that players could get by completing various chores or even employment. In any event, such a procedure is commonplace and as similar to real life as feasible.

You were probably seeking for a modified version of the game if you want to spend money without keeping track of it. Once installed, it might give you an endless supply of gold coins. This cash can be used for amusement, outfits for your character, or even home remodelling and furnishing.

Features of PK XD Apk

Below are all the features you will get in the original PK XD Apk that makes this game is an awesome game.

  • Chat with friends
  • Adopt pets
  • Create your own character
  • Participate in various amazing events
  • Build your own dream house
  • Play and compete mini games with friends
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Easy to use control

Features of PK XD MOD Apk

These are some extra features you will get in PK XD Mod Apk including all the features that you find in pk xd game.
  • Unlimited money
  • everything Unlocked
  • No ads
  • Safe
These are some of the PK XD mod apk features and these features are the ones that make a game awesome.

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Requirements of PK Xd Mod Apk

 PK XD apk is a role-playing casual game that is available for android. Most of the devices can run this game but we want to tell you some requirements and if these are available on your device then you can play it otherwise you will say a lag.
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4GB Free Space
  • Android Version 4.2 or high
  • PK XD Mod Apk File
  • Works in All GPU
These are the only specifications that are important for playing the PK XD mod apk. These are not special or high specifications. In 2022, everyone has a mobile phone with these specifications.

PK XD MOD Apk Gameplay Screenshots

Download PK XD Mod Apk ( Unlimited Money) For Android
PK XD MOD Apk Download

Download PK Xd Mod APK

PK XD The game is also available on the Google play store for free, and you can download it from the play store also but when you will download PK XD apk from the play store you will not find any cash and most of the features will be locked. But from Gamingchase, you can download the PK XD hack version and get unlimited money and will find everything unlocked including cars and modes.

Please note that we provide original and pure game files and provide a faster download speed than Other Websites. All the mod/apk files provided are only for education & development purposes. For More, Please refer to our Disclaimer.

How to Install PK XD Mod Apk on Android?

We know some of the users will face some problems while installing or using install PK XD mod Apk that’s why we always provide an installation guide for our users so they will not face any problems while installation. You will always find an installation guide on the gaming chase, so you do not have to worry about this problem at all.

  1. First, you have to download PK XD on android
  2. After downloading the app file go to file manager and find the download folder
  3. Click on Apk and then you will some options click on the “install” button
  4. Give your phone permission to install a third-party application so you can install the application.
  5. All done, now just open the game and enjoy unlimited coins in pk xd game.

These are some simple steps to get unlimited coins in pk xd app. Make sure to follow all the steps and enable a third-party installation setting otherwise your application will not be installed.

What’s new in PK XD Apk


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART IN OUR FIRST PK XD ANNIVERSARY EVENT! EVERY PARTY COMES TO AN END It was amazing, and without you, our residents, we wouldn’t be here. Watch this space for more shortly!

A NEW Loft Home

Although there is only one room, it is HUGE!
– Want to design your own indoor parkour course? Or perhaps a maze? or construct rooms whatever you like by adding walls? Your choice!

Outdoor pursuits on PK XD.

Because PK XD mod apk is an adventure game, your characters will engage in a wide range of experiences. In order to meet people and establish relationships with them, your character will first visit a park. And after that, you can engage in a variety of fun activities like rollerblading in the park, using a trampoline, swinging, or participating in cultural exchanges.

You’ll have unique, wonderful experiences at every level. You will be able to pet, look after, and converse with them as pals as you level up. You can also certainly select your preferred animals, such as dogs, cats, bunnies, pigs, or bears. Additionally, you can go to significant annual occasions like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s… In order to make your home more lively, you can display your design prowess here. Of course, you must adhere to the game’s rules.

Additionally, you will get other alluring rewards for finishing your chores correctly. You can shop for the products you want with the bonuses you earn. Your character will undoubtedly emerge as Musa Island’s most fashionable individual.

PK XD Mod Apk (FAQS)

1. What Is PK XD Game?

PK XD Apk is an adventure game where you can create your own avatar and do whatever you want.

2. Is PK XD Mod Apk free to use?

Yes, you can use pk xd mod Apk for free.

3. Is the PK XD Mod Apk safe for our devices?

Mod Apk is the modded version of a game and Apk, and this mod is not moded by us so we don’t take any guarantee about the safety of your devices or game accounts.

4. What we will get in pk xd mod Apk?

You will get Unlimited Money, and everything Unlocked in PK XD Mod.


Interactive sandboxes were intended to be the next development in social media, but for the time being they are just enjoyable games. Hurry to get PK XD if you’ve been hunting for something like for you and your child for a while. A “game social network” seems like a really intriguing idea. It won’t be difficult to discover an interlocutor by age because there is enough content, the data is protected to a high standard, and there are a variety of audience types. It is undoubtedly worthwhile to learn more about the game. Download State of Survival if you enjoy games in the zombie genre.

If you are looking for an adventure simulation game then you should try PK XD mod apk. PK Xd is one of the best adventure simulation games that are popular nowadays and you should give it a try. You can download PK XD mod apk from gaming chase and get unlimited money and everything unlocked.

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