PUBG 2 Coming soon: Will it Have Better Graphics and Modifications?

PUBG 2 coming soon: A leaker recently revealed the news that we could see a PUBG Sequel next year based on unreal engine 5. Here are the complete details you need to know about based on PUBG 2 and its graphics

Pubg 2 Coming Soon

PUBG 2 Coming Soon

PUBG aka player’s unknown battleground has been among the most famous games ever. It has already left its mark on PC or console gaming even before coming to the world of mobile.

With tough competitors like Fortnite, Garena’s free-fire, Call of Duty, this game is still on a roll and loved by many game enthusiasts. The previous year when PUBG was banned in India, it disheartened many of its lovers. However, it was released back as BGMI aka battleground mobile Indian got its popularity back. 

Till now getting updated so many times and rewarding its players with better graphics and weapons, the game is suspected to get its sequel as well.

Recently, a leak was made by PlayerIGN, there are suspicions that krafton is working on the sequel of PUBG. However, there is no confirmation yet released by official sources. But still, the details given by the leaker are pretty exciting and if they are true, it might take the gaming world by storm again.

The game was first released in 2017 and so far has received many different upgrades and tweaks but the core remains the same. This game is played in many nations with the exception of China, Pakistan, Nepal, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Korea, and Jordan.

As per the leaker, krafton Amsterdam is hiring technical directors and technical animators for a completely new unknown project and for working alongside the director, a Game Director, and a Producer as well. The game is supposed to be based on Epic game’s unreal engine 5. And upgrading to this engine means that players can expect better graphics and likely new elements.

However, the updates will be first expected to enroll in PC and console.“The PUBG 2 thing (PC/console) is something we’re still waiting for by 2022,” the data miner said. His Twitter mentions the X1, a work-in-progress game PUBG. Though no comments can be made on this one yet.

There is another suspicion as revealed by Bloomberg that krafton CEO Kim Chang-Han was also working on The Callisto Protocol, which is a survival horror game set 300 years in the future and so also set in the PUBG universe. According to a report from Alt Char, the rumored PUBG 2 sequel will be a standalone game rather than an upgrade to the existing BR title.

The official confirmation on any of these speculations is yet to come, but still, the rumored talk for PUBG 2 is making the BR community expectations rise high. Especially the thing that the new PUBG can be a standalone game and probably with much better designs and graphics.

Though it’s better to hold our horses due to lack of reliable sources. And on another note, Fortnite’s competitor is also rumored working on a switch to Unreal Engine 5 in an upcoming season, but it’s unclear whether this will happen in Season 9, which will be released at the end of the year, or in Season 10, which will be released in 2022.

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