Tekken 7 ISO File Free For Android – Latest Version 2020

Download Tekken 7 Apk + ISO File free for android from Gamingchase in Free. this the modded version of Tekken 6.

About Tekken 7 Apk Android

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Tekken 7 is the seventh installment of the Tekken series. Tekken games are popular for his character. Tekken 7 was released in 2017 for PlayStation and Xbox. It was released for PC also but not for android. But do not take any tension because on our site we give you the Tekken 7 version this version is not real because this is the modded version of Tekken 6 but you feel like the same as Tekken 7 when you play this Tekken 7 version. you do not need any high specifications to play this game but yeah some requirements are highly recommended from us.

this is the modded version of Tekken 6 so you just need to download Tekken 6 apk file. All details are given in detail like specifications to play this game and the installation guide is also given to reading the full article. 

Tekken 7 Android Apk (Requirements)

You do not need any high requirements for playing and downloading Tekken 7 in android but we recommend some requirements for you. If all these requirements are available on your mobile, Congratulations you able to play Tekken 7 in Android. 
  1. Android version 5.0+ – Version 5.0 must be in your android or more because if your version is below 5.0 then maybe the game will not work in your android device.
  2. RAM 2 GB – At least you need 2GB RAM for this game because size is only 200MB But after extracting files Game size will large and when you play this game you need RAM So your game will not crash.
  3. Device Storage 8 GB – Download size is under 300MB But after extracting you can see that the Game size is a total 2GB AND when you play this game on daily basis, it needs free storage space so your game data will save in-game.
  4. PSP Emulator(available on play store in free) – You need A PPSSPP version because this game runs only in the PSP emulator, You can download PPSSPP from google play store in free.
  5. Tekken 6 ISO – This is the modded version of Tekken 6, So you need a Tekken 6 iso file. We also give the link of downloading Tekken 6 ISO but the original size of Tekken 6 size is 1.2GB but we compress it and now the size is only 200MB.
  6. Tekken 7 – You also need to download Tekken 7 Graphics but don’t worry about the size because the total size of the graphics file is only 50MB

Tekken 7 Android ISO (Features)

  1. HD graphics
  2. almost all Tekken characters
  3. the realistic online gaming experience
  4. Uniqueness
  5. Awesome Gameplay

Tekken 7 ISO Android 

This is not the original Tekken 7 game, this is the modded version of Tekken 6 so you must need of Tekken 6 iso file otherwise you will not be able to play Tekken 7 in android. But do not worry because we also compress Tekken 6 apk Just download Tekken 6 and Tekken 7 APK from below links

How to install Tekken 7 Apk ISO android?

This is not the original version of Tekken 7 because the original Tekken 7 is not released yet. This is the modded version of Tekken 6 we put Tekken 7 Graphics in Tekken 6 and also you can play this game with all WWE stars. Maybe the installation process is difficult for you because not all people know how to extract files or other things so we write an installation guide and also put a video tutorial who prefer video tutorial so must read or watch the installation process For you, we always add installation guides in all our articles, and also we add video tutorials on our youtube channel so if you face any problem then watch our video tutorial.

watch video tutorial – click here 


  1. open ZArchiever and extract “Tekken 6 APK” And you will find Tekken 6 iso file after extracting the Apk file
  2. now extract ” Tekken 7 APK” and you will find PSP Folder 
  3. Cut Psp Folder and paste it to device storage
  4. now open PSP gold and enjoy your game. 

Tekken 7 Android ISO FAQ

What is the total size of the game?
The downloading size is under 300MB and after extracting total size is 2GB
Is this Game officially released?
no, this is not official because Tekken 7 is not for android for now.

Why we need to download Tekken 6?
because this is the moded version of Tekken 6  we put Tekken 7 graphics in Tekken 6 so you just need to download Tekken 6 without Tekken 6 you can not play this game.
How to get a download link?
you need to click on the download button and follow some steps like subscribe and like and you get the download link.
How to install this game?
this game installation process is difficult so we provide a video tutorial or installation guide in a blog that is mention above.


I hope It will Work In your Android Device if you follow our steps. This is the Modded Version of Tekken 6, not Tekken 7 because Tekken 7 apk is not released yet. We also provide video tutorial video and installation guide, we highly recommend you to watch the video or read the guide because if you miss a single step then maybe your game will not work. If you face any problem make sure to make a comment we will help you in a few hours.

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