Why Do You Need a Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards have taken over the PC gaming landscape for the last decade. These keyboards have been around for a long time, but even after the development of chicklet-style membrane keyboards, they have become a much more specialized commodity. Though chicklet keyboards give a neck competition to a mechanical keyboard, they lack the quality and customization of mechanical keyboards.

So this article addresses the question of why you need a mechanical keyboard for gaming by comparing it with membrane keyboards. Keep reading to find it out.

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What is special about mechanical keyboards?

Why Do You Need a Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming

Mechanical keyboards have a fairly conventional appearance. They’re well-made, with large, clickable buttons. They are built of high-quality materials, with key switches located beneath each keycap. These keyboard switches are made up of three parts: a keycap, a stem, and a housing.

The keycap is the top cap for the heys present on the keyboard. The stem is the section of the keycap that glides up and down when pushed.

Finally, housing is the container that keeps everything together. The spring-loaded switch beneath causes the loud “clicking” sound they emit. When you hit the key, you’ll feel and hear the renowned “clicking” sound, which indicates that the key was pushed with enough force to register.

These mechanical keyboard switches are often linear or tactile in nature. A linear switch needs to be pressed fully to register. Tactile switches, on the other hand, just require a midway push to activate, allowing you to write or enter commands much faster. Most gamers use tactical keys for their faster clicks and response.

Now that you know how mechanical keyboards work and function, let’s take a deeper look at them gaming perspective-wise.

Do mechanical keyboards make a difference for gamers?

Any gamer who wishes to improve his performance must select his accessories rigorously. For confirmed PC gamers, the choice of a good mechanical gaming keyboard is essential. These type of keyboards are reputed to be more robust and more efficient than a classic keyboard, has enormous advantages, and meets the conditions necessary for use for gaming.

In terms of speed, feel, and comfort, mechanical keyboards outperform membrane keyboards every time. You can have softer pushes without sacrificing the time it takes the switch to convey the signal to the computer. What’s more astounding is that you can push many keys at the same time (also called rollover). If you have an n-rollover keyboard, you can push many keys at the same time. This is unquestionably a must-have for gamers.

Overall, mechanical keyboards enhance the gaming experience. They provide a long-lasting keyboard that requires just light touches to avoid typos and errors. In the long term, this will improve your gaming performance and rating.

How are they better from membrane?

They differentiate from membrane keyboards on 5 major fronts

  1. The durability of keys – Mechanical keyboards, as opposed to membrane keyboards, can survive 50 million pushes without becoming unsteady. Because it employs plastic switches rather than rubber ones, the wear and tear on these switches will be reduced over time making them more durable.
  2. How fast a click is registered – When it comes to gaming, speed is essential. Because you won’t have to push all the way down for a signal to be sent to your computer, you’ll need half the time. This means you can swap to a different key in half the time.
  3. Taking care of keyboard – Rubber switches are far more difficult to maintain than plastic switches. Plastic is easily cleaned everywhere you go, and no special types of equipment are required. Furthermore, plastic is relatively dust-free. Rubber switches, on the other hand, quickly collect dust, and when dust adheres to them, it is difficult to remove. In most situations, you’ll need to replace the rubber in order for it to work correctly. Another reason mechanical keyboards are simple to maintain is that the plastic switches can be removed.
  4. Customization – Unlike chicklet style keyboards, which only have and work on rubber switches, mechanical keyboards allow you to be more creative with your switches and keycaps. If you’ve seen multicolored keys on keyboards, they’re almost certainly mechanical. Furthermore, you can select from a variety of different switches to suit your typing style which will increase or decrease the clickiness and the force you apply for the same.
  5. Accurate clicks – A membrane keyboard is prone to slipping, which results in mistakes or incorrect actions in a game. This is especially true for membrane keyboards that are damaged or have reached the end of their usable life. When the rubber switches wear out, the keys become shakier. Add to it the fact that rubber acquires dust more rapidly, making precise presses even more difficult. As a gamer, you need keys that don’t slip or misclick like the ones in the membrane keyboard and hence using the mechanical keyboard may reduce the number of mistakes you make while playing.


At the end of the day, a nice keyboard is an investment. As a result, it’s vital to have switches that react as desired while still providing comfort throughout long gaming sessions. The mechanical keyboard’s strongest asset is its typing sensation. They feature greater tactile key travel and responsiveness than membrane keyboards. Originally clicky and noisy, switch makers have devised many methods to lessen coworker/spousal discomfort by developing quieter mechanical switches and faster ones, but the principle remains the same.


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